The Initiative is focused on building bridges of understanding amongst the diverse elements in our community through collaboration, communication and commitment.  The challenges related to hate, intolerance and violence in society are too severe to be resolved by one group or party.  It will take all of us coming together from different backgrounds and fields of society to make a true difference in our world.  We extend to you this opportunity to work with us for a true and lasting peace in our communities and eventually the rest of the world. 

  • Themes of the Event:

    1. Establish a dialogue about respect and acceptance in society

    2. Provide a voice for youth to identify commonalities amongst the diverse traditions in the community

    3. Bring awareness to different social issues that affect our communities

    • Respect: Living the Golden Rule

    • Hope: Believing that positive sustained change is possible when we come together for purpose of peace

    • Empowerment: Empowering individuals that include youth, educators and people of consciousness to be part of the change