The objective of the Peace Club is to serve the educational needs of academic campuses by building bridges of understanding through promoting tolerance, respect and interfaith dialogue to celebrate our diversity on campus.

The Club’s Activities include:

  • Sponsoring educational and inspirational lectures

  • Inviting leaders of all backgrounds to conduct seminars and workshops

  • Providing educational seminars and materials to schools

  • Educational Film Series

  • To be an educational resource on diversity; providing accurate academic information to assist faculty, staff, and students’ research.

  • To promote understanding, acceptance, and respect for all faiths and backgrounds.

  • To provide activities to students to enrich their college experience.

  • To bring together members of all beliefs and backgrounds to identify common bonds and find strength in our diversity.

    With the mission in mind that education builds tolerance and understanding, the Peace Club will focus on building bonds with people for unity and peace through the principles of the Golden Rule.

The following is a list of some of the programs that we can help initiate on your campus:



Annual Peace Events: 

  1. The Annual Social Justice Peace Summit focuses on diverse social engagement issues in our societies and how to build bridges of understanding and dialogue.   

     2. The Social Innovations Challenge event focuses on bringing attention to social engagement issues by providing opportunities for students to develop creative solutions.   

  3. The World of Knowledge Tour takes students, faculty and interested members of your academic institution to discover the rich history of dialogue and coexistence in the ancient sites of Spain and Turkey. 

Anti-Stereotyping Toolkit: 

The Peace Institute in partnership with the Department of Justice-office of civil rights will provide a digital program developed to help young people see the dangers of stereotyping and discrimination.   

Resources and Activities Include:  

  1. Teaching Tolerance 

  2. Department of Justice – Civil Rights Office 

  3. Interfaith and Civic Center Tours  

Life Skills Empowerment Program: 

The Peace Institute offers workshops that can present needed skills to our youth related to building confidence, critical thinking, healthy living and financial intelligence.  

Here are some of the topics we cover in the Life Skills Empowerment program: 

1.  Learning how to Think 

2.  Manners and Behavior 

3.  Job Success Skills 

4.  Conflict Resolution  

5.  Personal Healthy Living 


INFORM                ENGAGE             EMPOWER 

For more information about these Programs Contact: 

The Peace Institute 

1021 N. Goldenrod Rd. Orlando, FL 32807 | | 407-925-3900